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Notable Canadians1                          

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*  denotes First generation Canadian.
*Aikens, James Cox 
B. Peel County, Ontario, March 30th 1823.Secretary of State for Canada - 1869. Lieutenant Governor for Manitoba
Alderice, Frederick Charles Prime Minister of Newfoundland
B. Belfast, Ireland,  November 10, 1872.  He was educated in Belfast and emigrated to Newfoundland in 1886. Appointed to the Legislative Council of Newfoundland in 1924 and in 1928 became the government leader in the Council. In 1932 his party swept the country and he was prime minister  until 1934.  He died at St. John's on February 23, 1936
source -  Macmillan dictionary of Canadian biography - 1963
Armstrong, John B. 
B. County Monaghan, Ireland, 1845. D. Toronto November 1910.
Arrived in Canada in 1852 and was an apprentice printer with 'The Globe' newspaper and active in Typographical Union.
Beatty, James, M.P.
B. Killeshandra, Ireland, 1798. D. Toronto, March 5th. 1892. Came to Canada 1818. Entered politics as a Reform councilor for St Lawrence Ward in 1836. Elected as Conservative M.P. for the riding of Toronto East in 1867 and again in 1872.
* Beatty, James Jr., M.P.
B. Halton, Ontario, November 10th 1831. D. Toronto March 15th 1899. Nephew of James Beaty M.P. Called to the bar of Ontario 1855 and entered politics in 1877 as an Alderman for St James' Ward in Toronto. Served as Mayor of Toronto 1879-1880. Elected as Conservative M.P for West Toronto in 1881-1882.
* Bell, Thomas H., M.P.P.
B. Metz, Ontario. M.P.P. Toronto West, 1929.
Benson, Thomas
B. Port Hope, Ontario, November 25th 1833. Appointed County Court Judge of Northumberland and Durham Counties, Ontario, 1882
Birmingham, Robert
B. County Armagh, July 26th 1852. One of the founders of the Liberal-Conservative Association of Toronto and served as it's first Secretary. In 1884 he became the General Secretary of the Conservative Party in Toronto.
Bourns, William Andrew
B. Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, 1886. Came to Canada in 1888. Manitoba newspaper Publisher.
Bowes, John George, M.P.P.
B. Clones, County Monaghan 1812. D. Toronto May 20th 1864. Came to Upper Canada in 1833 and started a wholesale dry-goods business in Toronto. Served as Mayor of Toronto from 1851-1853, and again in 1861-1863.      He was a Toronto M.P.P. from 1854-1858.
Boyce, George, M.P.
B. County Armagh, Ireland. Came to Canada at the age of four and settled in Nepean Township where he later took up farming. Served as Reeve of the Township and Warden of Carelton County. Conservative M.P. for the Riding of Carelton, 1917-1921. Served as the Grand Master of the GOL of Ontario East, 1907-1908.
* Bradburn, William H.
B. Peterborough, Ontario, 1870. M.P.P. Peterborough and first elected in 1923.
* Brown, George William. M.P.P.
B. Holstein, Ontario, 1860. Liberal M.P. for Regina, Saskatchewan, 1894-1906. Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan in 1910.
Burns, Alexander 
B. County Down, Ireland August 12th 1834. President of the Hamilton Ministerial Association, 1896.
Carey, George Montgomery 
B. Belfast, Ireland, March 10th 1829. Baptist Minister in Ontario and New Brunswick.
* Cargill, Henry, M.P.
B. Halton County, Ontario, August 13th 1838. Conservative Member of Parliament for the riding of East Bruce.
Carroll, Edmund
B. County Armagh, Ireland, 1886. Came to Canada in 1907. Mayor of The Pas, Manitoba in 1924
* Casey, George Elliott
B. Elgin County, Ontario, March 1850. Liberal Member of Parliament for the riding of West Elgin.
Clarke, Edward Frederick, M.P/M.P.P.
B. Bailieboro, County Cavan, April 24th ,1850. D. Toronto March 3rd 1905. Came to Canada in the 1860's and apprenticed as a printer at the 'Globe' where he helped organize the printers strike in 1872, for which he was briefly jailed. Founded the 'Orange Sentinel' Newspaper in 1875. Mayor of Toronto 1888-1891. Member of Provincial Parliament 1886-1894 and Federal M.P. for Toronto West 1896-1905
Cochrane, Matthew Henry
B. Compton, Quebec, November 11th. 1823. Cattle breeder and Member of Canadian Senate.
Connolly, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles
B. Enniskillen, Ireland. Brigade Major in W.W.1
*Cowan, Colonel Harry James
B. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 1973. Organized the 32nd Battalion in W.W.1
Crawford, John B
B. Banbridge, County Down, 1814. Prominent Canadian capitalist of the 19th century.
Crosby, Adam, M.P.
B. Belfast Ireland, 1859. Mayor of Halifax Nova Scotia, 1902-1904. Conservative M.P. for Halifax, 1908.
Davis, Robert Henry.
Lieutenant Colonel
B. Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland. Commanding Officer of the 37th Battalion of Haldimand Rifles
Dempsey, John, D.D.
B. County Antrim, Ireland, December 28th 1822. Came to Canada in 1832.President of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec in 1895.
De Wind, Edmund. V.C.
B. Comber, County Down, Ireland, 1883. Awarded the Victoria Cross for actions above and beyond the call of duty during W.W.1.
* Duff, James Stoddard, M.P.P.
B. Cookstown, Ontario, June 20th , 1856. D. November, 1916. Both parents were from Ulster and his father, John Duff, came to Cookstown with his parents in 1825. His Grandfather, Thomas Duff, was the first white settler in Essa Township. He, James, was elected as the Conservative M.P.P. for the Riding of West Simcoe from 1898-1916 and served as Minister of Agriculture for Ontario, 1908-1912.
Dunwoody, Major James Moore D.S.O.
B. Belfast, Ireland, 1892. Member of the Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment in W.W.1 
Eakin, Reverend Thomas
B. Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Ireland, 1871. Came to Canada in 1891. Principal of Knox College, Toronto.
Eaton , Timothy
B. Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, 1834 d. Toronto. 1907. Came to Canada in 1854.Founded the T. Eaton Company
Eaton, Lieutenant-Colonel, Robert Young
B. County Antrim, Ireland, 1875. Became President of T.Eaton & Co in 1922.
Ewing, Samuel Hamilton
B. Londonderry, Ireland, 1834. Montreal Businessman and Merchant
* Fallis, William A., M.P.P
B. Cavan Township, Ontario, February 22nd, 1833. D. March 2nd 1903. Both parents were from County Fermanagh and settled in Cavan Township in 1819. Served as Councilor of Cavan Township for five years and was elected as Conservative M.P.P. for the Riding of Durham East from 1894-1902.
* Farrell, Alexander Gray
B. Detroit, Michigan, USA. Mayor of Smith Falls, Ontario, 1899-1900. County Court Judge in Saskatchewan in 1907.
* Ferguson, Thomas Roberts
B. Cookstown, Ontario, 1864. Prominent Winnipeg Lawyer and Conservative Party organizer.
* Floody, Clarke Wallace
B. Chatham, Ontario, 1918 D. Toronto 1989. Prior to W.W.2 he worked as a miner in Northern Ontario. Joined the R.C.A.F. in 1940 and served as a Spitfire pilot in 401 Squadron. Shot down in 1941 and was a POW in Stalag Luft 3. He was the 'Tunnel King' of the Great Escape from the camp in March 1944.
* Gardiner, Herbert Fairbairn
B. Brockville, Ontario, August 21st 1849. Journalist.
Gault, Andrew
B. Strabane, County Tyrone, 1833. Prominent Montreal Merchant.
*Gault, Leslie Hamilton
Montreal, Quebec, 1855. Merchant
Gault, Matthew Hamilton, M.P.
B. Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Conservative, Montreal West-1878.
Gorrell, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Wilson
B. Ontario, 1871. Canadian Army Physician
Gibson, Thomas
B. Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland, 1875. Came to Canada in 1895. Physician , University Professor.
* Glass, David. M.P.
B. Westminster Township, Ontario, 1840. Became Mayor of London Ontario.
* Graham, Reverend  John Wellington
B. Clinton, Ontario, 1871.Director of Fred Victor Mission, Toronto.
* Graydon, Gordon, M.P.
B. Peel County, Ontario, 1896. Conservative Member of Parliament for Peel County. First elected in 1935. Leader of the Federal Progressive Conservative Party, 1943-1945.
* Hanna, William John, M.P.P.
B. Wingham, Ontario, 1889. Conservative member for the riding of Huron Bruce, Ontario.
Hanna, Robert. V.C.
B. Kilkeel, County Down, Ireland, 1887. D. 1957. Came to Canada in 1905 and was a member of the 29th Battalion Canadian Army during W.W.1. Awarded the Victoria Cross for heroic action in the Battle of Lens.
Harvey, Reverend Moses.
B. County Armagh, Ireland and was a respected Historian in Newfoundland..
* Henry, George Stewart.
B. York County, Ontario 1871. D. 1958. Conservative M.P.P. for East York Ontario from 1913-1937. Ontario Minister of Agriculture 1918-1919. Minister of Highways 1923-1930. Sworn in as Premier of Ontario in 1930.
Henderson, Ernest George.
B. Holywood, County Down, Ireland. Came to Canada in 1883. Occupation, Civil Engineer.
Hesson, Samuel. M.P.
B. Co Antrim,  Ireland, 1829, Conservative M.P. 
* Hughes, James L.
B. Durham County, Ontario, 1846. D. 1935. Chief Inspector of Toronto Public Schools and introduced Kindergarten into Ontario Public Schools. Served as Grand Master GOL of Ontario West, 1894-1896.
*Hughes, Sir Sam, M.P.
B. Darlington Township, Ontario, 1853. Conservative M.P. 1892-1921. He served with the Canadian Army in the South African War and was the Canadian Minister of the Militia at the outbreak of W.W.1.
Hughes, John
John Hughes the father of Colonel Sam, James, John, and William was born in Fintona, County Tyrone.
* Hughes, William StPierre B. Cartwright Township, Ontario. Commanding Officer of the 21st Battalion Canadian Army during W.W.1. Later served as Superintendent of Penitentiaries for Canada.

Notable Canadians 2